Would love to be a goldendoodle mum.

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Would love to be a goldendoodle mum.

Post by patterpaws » 06 Apr 2016, 19:40

Hi Everyone,

I've just joined, I'm hoping to become a goldendoodle mum fairly soon. We've always had a dog but lost our last one, Mojo, a lab/collie cross last July aged 14. I wanted a little break but am now getting desperate for a dog. I'm getting to the stage where I am purposefully crossing the road if there's a chance I might get to stroke a dog being walked along the other side and I'm heading to pick the kids up from school early so I can fuss all the dogs at the school gate.
We thought about a rescue dog at first but the vast majority are staffies which, no offence to anyone, are just not my kind of dog. I did say no to a puppy when my girls and my husband mentioned it but then I thought - in fairness the house is wrecked with the kids anyway and I'm home all day so why not? So after lots of research we now have our hearts set on a F1 Standard Goldendoodle pup. I thought it would be a good idea to join now so I am well prepared.

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Re: Would love to be a goldendoodle mum.

Post by Ianto! » 15 Apr 2016, 17:04

Hi patterpaws,
Welcome to the wonderful world of 'doodles!! I'm sorry to hear that you lost your lab/collie cross - it's so hard to come to terms with, especially when they've been a part of the family for so long. Eventually we realise that they have left a dog-shaped hole in our lives, and then we know that it is time to find ourselves another companion. They never replace our old friends; they find a new place in our hearts...
I found that many people weren't willing to 'share' their dog... and I was like you, desperate just to feel the comfort of stroking a dog. :cry:
My first dood, Ianto, is such a sociable little guy - he loves everyone and everything in the world! - and I'm so happy to share him with anyone who needs a little 'doodle love', because I know only too well how if feels to be bereft. Lots of people are drawn to him, and often confide that they used to have a dog but cannot have one now. Iant just soaks it all up!! :D
Be prepared for walks to take so much longer than you'd thought - no-one can resist a doodle pup!
Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

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