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When should my Labs experience their season ?

Posted: 11 Oct 2016, 18:54
by justvera
My two labs ,Queenie and Peach,now nearly two years old,from the same litter, and are entirely different in temperament,one is shy and is slower to respond to training,also more fussy about her food and is thinner.Peach is more greedy and will eat her sister's food if she can,whilst Queenie is thinking about it.
Peach is shorter,and fatter.
The problem I need help with is because although Peach has had two seasons,and has been mated ,as we planned,just two weeks ago,Queenie has not yet had one season at all ! They,and also the male Lab have all been tested for HD and given the all clear,and although we have not planned for both
of them to have pups so soon, I am concerned about her not going into season.
Can anyone advise me please ?