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Crate training and sizes

Posted: 28 Feb 2017, 11:11
by rustytheDog

I'm new to the forum and we are bringing home our new pup in two weeks. I wondered if anyone can recommend a good crate (and what size would I need to choose for a 7 week old pup) or is there a way of getting a crate he can use when he is older but we could possibly make smaller to suit the pup while toilet training? I also need help with collars. Most websites ask for size and I'm unsure what size to get (I assumed they would be adjustable so I can use it for the lifetime of the pup).

Thank you in advance for your help!

Re: Crate training and sizes

Posted: 28 Feb 2017, 16:53
by We5Kings
I can't help with crates, never having used one but re collars I would say just buy a cheap lightweight nylon one at first. They usually have enough holes to fit most pups. And you can always punch more holes if need be.
Our Dudes first collar lasted a few months and was v useful for toilet training in combination with a little lead. Since then we've had leather leads and collars from Dragon leads. Our puppy collar and lead were Ancol. Anny

Re: Crate training and sizes

Posted: 28 Feb 2017, 18:40
by kobi&jazz
Hi - welcome to the forum :) .
I have 2 doodles and both loved their crates. I got the medium size crate and found this enabled the pup to stretch their legs.
Although Kobi my eldest doodle is a big guy and I did get him the xxl crate when he was older. Do you have an idea of what size your pup will grow to??
The crates sometimes comes with a crate mattress, but I also purchased cheap single duvets from Asda and hunted in charity shops for single duvet covers and used these to make a nest inside the crate.
Also a cover or blanket over the crate, like a kiddies den gives the pup a sense of security. I found the crate suited both the hounds and myself and I knew they were safe when I had to go out. One thing I would suggest is getting a couple of puppy kongs and when pup is in the crate give one to enable chewing. Also be prepared for the amount of space a crate may take.

Like Anny says get a lightweight puppy collar initially - they are fairly cheap but never leave the collar on your pup whilst in the crate.......I only have collars on my hounds when we go out walking.

Looking forward to seeing some photo's. Good luck. :D :D

Re: Crate training and sizes

Posted: 28 Feb 2017, 20:29
by Woobie
We got a large crate with a divider for our puppy so he could use just half of the crate when small & grow in to it without us having to spend out on a second one. (Pitty he wouldn't use it & it sits nicely in our spare room! :roll: ) x

Re: Crate training and sizes

Posted: 28 Feb 2017, 20:43
by rustytheDog
Thank you so much everyone for the advice! Rusty comes home in 2 weeks. Would love to post photos then!