Right!! I'm going to do raw

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Re: Right!! I'm going to do raw

Post by frosty » 31 Jan 2014, 20:29

I wouldnt overly worry Liz.....i know a few people that feed raw and kibble together with no ill effects :) .

feeding as you suggested will be fine.....just see how she is and if you notice a difference in the "poo" consistency after the different meals then you can always change. Its not life threatening or will cause any damage .

Sorry its been that long since i posted i cant remember how to quote your post :oops:
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Re: Right!! I'm going to do raw

Post by DiSet » 01 Feb 2014, 13:14

Hi Liz, I feed Kip his raw food in the morning after he's been exercised, and in the evening he has his kibble in his kong wobbler. I've been doing this now for a good 18 months and he seems absolutely fine with it. I use raw minces and he adores it. I think I could walk him all the way through town with his bowl in front of his nose and he wouldn't look sideways :lol: He stills enjoys his kibble meal at night and never leaves a bit (using Millies Wolfheart at the moment).

Give it a go, if Lola doesn't seem happy you can always tweak things. :)

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Re: Right!! I'm going to do raw

Post by Liz!! » 01 Feb 2014, 13:22

Thanks. At the minute i'm giving her just a couple of free flow chunks of Nature's Menu (still frozen) and she LOVEs it. Should clean her teeth is nothing else!

The cat however, who also adored her new chunk of free flow raw, with her Almo raw sterilised and tiny amount of kibble, was sick!
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