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Post by beeeerock » 03 Feb 2014, 08:25

frosty wrote:Beerock, I didnt say that overloading the pancreas was the "only" reason for food allergies :shock: ...no Idea how you came to that conclusion. Its just "another" way that food allergies occur.
Sorry, I thought when you said "That's what causes food allergies", you meant "that's what causes food allergies". 8) Rereading your comments prior to that, I can see that you may have had another intent that wasn't completely clear... to me at least.
frosty wrote:All kibbles and dried foods are different, if there was such a "perfect, nutritionally balanced diet for al dogs they would all use the same ingredients in the same proportions"....but they dont. The only common denominator is that All are heated to ridiculous temperatures so kill all natural enzymes and a lot of the nutrients, and therefore they then have to add synthetic vitamins and minerals and god knows how many preservatives to keep a long shelf life. That aint natural no matter what they tell you :( . REAL food goes off quickly unless you freeze it first. I dont care whether its a "top" brand , £1m quid brand or not.....Its all Processed food, and not natural , and whatever species on this planet you are, raw uncooked , unadulterated food is a necessity to "Thrive"! Thrive and "survive" are 2x different meanings in my head.
I suppose it depends on your definition of 'thrive' and 'survive'... I don't think I know of anyone with a dog on dry food that is simply 'surviving'. They're all happy, energetic, fit animals. The same as the ones I've had (and have). I have no direct knowledge of the processing of the food in the UK, or even over my way in any great detail, but I do know that the food we use is prepared at temperatures 'lower than baking', whatever that means. I tend to eat much of my food fully cooked and other than vegetable materials, don't really worry too much about what might have been degraded in the process. I note that there is a great industry surrounding supplements and vitamins and comments have been made here about feeding dogs everything from glucosamine to seaweed. Even on raw.
frosty wrote:I totally agree with you that you need to do it right, and get a reasonable balance of different meats, offal and bones for certain. But to say a Dried kibble is better than a raw food diet is absolutely nonsense, and from reading some of your posts its like your trying to justify this to yourself :?
Hehehe... justify this to myself? Not likely. :lol:

I've said why I believe dry is better for a typical dog/owner combination than raw. I don't think I've actually said the dry food itself is better (although, I'm critical of liver from domesticated sources and the assumption that what looks red and meaty must therefore be good...) but that the variability of nutrition that will be provided by many raw feeder owners may be worse than a quality dry food. That's easy to defend!

I feel more comfortable determining a ratio of fat/protein/carbohydrate calories that I'm happy with and feed the best food available... knowing Bodhi is getting consistent values. The raw vegetables he's given or steals from the kitchen are a bonus (like the half a raw zucchini he stole and ate this afternoon...). Given the questionable slaughterhouse practices associated with food for HUMAN consumption, I shudder to think what goes into the 'fresh, raw' food for dogs. You won't be able to tell by looking at it.... An ex-inlaw of mine was in the business of selling 'boutique' dog foods, much of which was raw. He was a retired vet. He went to the meat sources himself to pick up the food so that he could be confident of what he was selling. The stories he told of the things he'd seen would set you off the program quite quickly... and this in a first world, regulated country.
frosty wrote:ill get off my bandwagon, but people, if your all confused and want to stick with a decent dried food thats fine. But please add a variety of "natural" unprocessed, unheated , uncooked foods whenever you can if tolerated.....its what any animal on the planet needs, and with dogs it should be meats, eggs, offal with all the "natural" enzymes, nutrients that are highly digestible and will help your dog thrive!
In the proper proportions and conditions, I agree.

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Re: Raw food questions

Post by Liz!! » 03 Feb 2014, 12:04

Orijen isn't heated to ultra-high temperatures.
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