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Posted: 08 Aug 2007, 21:28
by annemc
Wow - have we found more family :D

Posted: 09 Aug 2007, 10:28
by PennyAli
does your bitch carry chocolate? if she didn't and was put to a chocolate dog all the pups would most likely be black

Posted: 09 Aug 2007, 12:07
by Carole g
Quite right of course, Penny Ali
You really shouldn't mate any large breed bitch until she is over two years old and I dont think she will be in September. Anyway it takes about 6 weeks to get back the hipscores so the season after is the earliest. If you don't health test and you use a stud without all the necessary paperwork, health tests and pedigree it makes it very much more likely that you will have a large number of puppies unsold for some time.
This has been covered before ... php?t=3594

Re: Looking for a Black or Chocolate Male

Posted: 02 Sep 2007, 10:03
by labradoodlelover28
she's gorgeous, gooed luck
with finding a mate for her!!
becki and sassy

Re: Looking for a Black or Chocolate Male

Posted: 25 Sep 2007, 14:27
by Aero05
:) HI MIKE :)

Isn't she beautiful. Love her hiding ing the field. Hope you find the right boy for you baby. I have two males, one is cream/apricot and the other is black. Sammi {cream} has a hip-score of 8 total and Ricco {black} hasn't got his results back yet.

I live in Glasgow, ok it's not so close, but sure we could arrange something. Both boys a F1's and big bundles of fun.
This is Sammi
And this is Ricco
And together


Re: Looking for a Black or Chocolate Male

Posted: 28 Sep 2007, 22:22
hi we have a young choc F1 potential stud dog he will be health tested in December he is F1 and a lovely friendly chap his dads hip score is 6 elbow 0 eyes clear so hopefully he will be OK we also have a blonde Stonecellars its Otto proven fertile hip score 14 we also bred stonecellars archie(Buster) and stonecellars andrew (Henry(senior)) so we have a good background to our stud dogs All our stud dogs are insured in case of accident or injury to you or your dogs. if interested give us a call or email Regards Carol