Looking for a dude for our dood Winnie

Use this area if you are thinking of breeding from your dog and are looking for a suitable 'partner'!
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Re: Looking for a dude for our dood Winnie

Post by DaisyDoodles » 04 Feb 2008, 20:22

Barb wrote:
DaisyDoodles wrote:despite her recomending not to submit the x-rays for scoring owners still went ahead
And so they should :!: :!: :!: It is unethical for a vet to suggest not sending in hip score x-rays and makes a mockery of the scheme as the true picture remains hidden. :evil:
So the vet at Cherrydown who recomended us to embark on a long term course of preventative arthritic treatment at £30 per month, but advised us not to submit Millies xrays for scoring, was being un-ethical? I'm confused again...

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Re: Looking for a dude for our dood Winnie

Post by Barb » 04 Feb 2008, 21:18

Taken from the BVA Website.
For the hip scoring scheme to be meaningful and successful in the attempt to control this serious disease it is important that all radiographs taken under the scheme are submitted for scoring, whatever the apparent state of the hips, in order that the information gathered is as relevant as possible. It is only by this means that proper conclusions may be drawn by the scheme's statisticians, geneticists and veterinary advisers.

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