Unrelated F1 or Higher Stud Dog Sought.,,

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Katie Rourke
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Unrelated F1 or Higher Stud Dog Sought.,,

Post by Katie Rourke » 11 Nov 2007, 16:58

We are currently looking for a proven F1 (or higher) stud dog that is unrelated to Wu Li, Buster or Cosmo and is in the South of England. We have high regard for all of these gorgeous dogs, but do not want them in our line at present.

Minimum health testing required would be hips, elbows, annual eyes. A sound temperament is essential. We will pay for an Optigen eye test if this hasn't already been done.

Chocolate would be preferred, definitely NOT black (the bitch is black and may be carrying chocolate).

Please PM me with a pedigree if you think your dog may be suitable.

Thank you.
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