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Re: alfie's ready & willing!!!

Posted: 17 Apr 2008, 21:20
by Bella
I haven't stopped touching Mabel for no reason today.

Alfie was Mabels Dad, and Bids Poppy too. He was a most beautiful dog in every way. A gentle giant. One of the times we saw him he had a Man United scarf on as if to say "I may be a poodle but I'm a MAN poodle".

I'm just glad Mabel has no idea what's after happening.

Re: alfie's ready & willing!!!

Posted: 16 May 2008, 17:13
by wissymo
oh no...ive only just found this thread..
i feel so bad for them...its just the worst thing...
i cant belive for the amount of time i spend on here that i managed to miss this!
my thoughts are with you...if a little late xx