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Wanted poodle stud's services

Posted: 07 Jul 2008, 20:59
by christine68
I am looking for a health tested, good natured, pedigree standard poodle stud. Preferably not too far from Sheffield, to be the father of Phoebe's next litter of puppies.
We have previously had a beautiful litter of Goldendoodles in September 2007. Our pups were born in our dining room all were amazing good antured and we have kept a girl but will not be breeding from her. Two hormonal girls would be too much.
Phoebe is due in season November/December of this year.
We do not wish to use the same poodle stud as last time as I understand he has been a bit too busy and that worries me.
Phoebe is a Golden Retriever and her hip score is 11. She is about to have her annual eye test (this will be done before her next season).Previously her eyes have tested clear.
You can find out more about us by looking at and clicking on the link to our Goldendoodle forum too. You can contact me through my website contact page or here I am also listed on the breeders page here.
I would need to see all paperwork relating to the stud dog and similarly will also supply Phoebe's. Phoebe would probably need to stay with you for a few days unless you live very close by.