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Ears, more help pleeeeese

Posted: 21 May 2009, 23:12
by Jeanny
Further to 'in the vets with her ears'
Arianne has been so happy this past week after having the wax removed. Very lively, almost abnoxiously so.

As instructed one week after checkup visit, cleaned her ears with logic ear cleaner supplied by vet.
Her ears are on fire and she is wanting to scratch.

Has anyone experience of their dogs ears being sensitive to cleaners?

We were, as instructed, cleaning them out regularly with the epi otic, but it didn't do much good as she ended up with the ear wax impacted and needed a general anaesthetic to remove it.

Could her problems be related to the cleaning, too much, too harsh? Any ideas

Thanks for reading

Re: Ears, more help pleeeeese

Posted: 22 May 2009, 00:18
by linny
It does sound as though she might be reacting to the cleaner. I think you might need to ask your vet . It could be that she's allergic to one of the ingredients.
Personally I only use an ear cleanser on my dogs every couple of months. I believe that the ear is to a degree self cleansing (someone will correct me if I'm wrong :lol: )
Sorry to hear(no pun intended) that Arianne is having more problems.

Re: Ears, more help pleeeeese

Posted: 22 May 2009, 00:31
by groover
sorry, no help from me I'm afraid

just wanted to say I'm sorry your baby is uncomfortable and i hope you get the answers your looking for soon


Re: Ears, more help pleeeeese

Posted: 22 May 2009, 07:02
by joanneday
mmm. I'm no expert but I know anything you put in human ears is likely to push/wash the problem further down. I sometimes clean the bits I can see with ear wipes (mostly no need as when the outside gets wet they are propelled along the carpet at 100 miles an hour) and so far have had no probs. I think I'd be tempted to leave well alone now.

Re: Ears, more help pleeeeese

Posted: 22 May 2009, 08:07
by Jeanny
THanks everyone, I think I will leave well alone, perhaps just a wipe with warm water if necessary. I'm sure they have an inbuilt mechanism that looks after their ears, interfering could be making problems that are not needed.


Re: Ears, more help pleeeeese

Posted: 22 May 2009, 08:31
by freedom
Do you use Thorn It ?? It should be in all Doodle/Poodle owners medicine cabinet, I've not read your other thread so not sure what treatment your Dood has had.?

Re: Ears, more help pleeeeese

Posted: 22 May 2009, 11:17
by ebug99
All I can suggest is to use warm plain or slightly salted water or the fragrance free baby wipes to clean Ariannes ears. Even the ear wipes I have from P@H are highly fragranced (although they don't seem to bother Teddy).

It is suggested that humans only clean as far into their own ears as a finger would go and I adopt the same strategy with Teddy and he only gets his ears plucked when he goes to the groomers every 2-3 months.

So far, touch wood, we've had no problems.

Liz x

Re: Ears, more help pleeeeese

Posted: 22 May 2009, 14:47
by amber
It sounds like they need to settle down. I doubt she is allergic to the epi otic, although it is drying, so just use once a week for preventative measures. I think the vet should see her again though and he may wish to use an anti inflamatory painkilling tablet for a few days to help. . I would not use water or salt water. Swimming will aggravate sore ears too.

Once her ears have settled. Go back to preventative measures, but only pluck a few hairs at a time and just use 3 drops of opi otic per ear and a quick gentle wipe around.
It is a difficult time but im sure you will get there, you just haveto take it in steps.
Let us know what the vet gives you for the inflamation.

Re: Ears, more help pleeeeese

Posted: 26 May 2009, 18:35
by Jeanny
Rang vet and he said just leave well alone and was surprised at her reacting to the logic as she hadn't initially.

She was still on her steroids for the initial problems and to calm them down after the op. So perhaps didn't flare up noticeably.

I must have faith now in her ear's natural ability to be just clean ears. There has been a nagging problem since we had her, and I'm almost sure putting the epi otic down dried them too much, and the wax couldn't then slide out.

Thanks for all your advice.


Re: Ears, more help pleeeeese

Posted: 26 May 2009, 21:12
by amber
Wishing Ariannes ears well. It's not easy, i appreciate that having had problems with my own dogs ears. They are now under control but it took a while.
Let us know how she goes. :)