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Train Travell

Post by debbierose59 » 23 Aug 2009, 17:39

I thought I would let you know how Dexter and I got on over this weekend
we travelled by train for the first time return from Durham and Peterbourgh,
Dexter lay down under the table for most of the way down, but coming out to greet all who said hello.
he enjoyed himself and wasn't scared at all.

Peterbourgh was lovely and we went to Fairie Meadows nature reserve which was busy but great
Dexter swam in the lake with several other dogs and enjoyed being the centre of attention. He was a credit to the Labradoodle breed. and was very well behaved( thank God) and came back as soon as he was called.
he was totally for the first time exhausted. and slept for hours on our return

coming back on the train today was a very busy affair poor Dexter having to get up onto the seat every time some one passed our seat as there was no room for him to go under the table but again he enjoyed it all the same.

We'll travell again by train and let you know how we get on, on our next adventure :D :D :D

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Re: Train Travell

Post by Butterfly » 23 Aug 2009, 19:11

Im so glad the jorney went well! I have been uming and aring about taking mine on the train! Was he scared in the station with the trains!?

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Re: Train Travell

Post by Jeanny » 23 Aug 2009, 22:04

We too have been to Ferry Meadows at Peterborough, and took Arianne on the Nene valley railway steam train. She took it all in her stride, even the Puffa Train, was very good and lay down under the table (was pretty tired though as we'd been for a lovely walk along the nene river.

I do think their temperament is wonderful, she is so good in lots of situations.


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