Help please in a panic!!!!!

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Help please in a panic!!!!!

Post by Fraggle69 » 23 Mar 2010, 22:59

Hi all, hope someone can help!

Took Riley to the vets yesterday, as he had been sneezing for a couple of days. Vet thought he may have something up his nose, so booked him for an X-ray today. Now we are in shock to be honest, apparantly the x-ray showed Riley's lungs to be cloudy!!!! Vets has referred Riley and we should hear in a day or two but they have said it could be pneumonia or worst case scenario lung cancer. Have been looking through the internet and at moment he isn't displaying any symptoms even his sneezing has stopped. He is really sleepy and not at all bouncy just lying on his bed, I'm hoping this is just the anaesthetic.

Very worry anyone know if it could be anything else???

Thanks so much Kelly and Riley x

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Re: Help please in a panic!!!!!

Post by Danda » 23 Mar 2010, 23:04

Sorry know idea - but thinking of you x
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Adam Lindley
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Re: Help please in a panic!!!!!

Post by Adam Lindley » 23 Mar 2010, 23:09

Can't make any suggestions for cloudy lungs, but the lethargy is probably the anaesthetic. Is Riley getting second hand smoke from anywhere? You don't suggest there are any issues with lung function which has to be a good thing.

Hopefully the vets can get to the bottom of this and it's not too serious

Thinking of you all.

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Re: Help please in a panic!!!!!

Post by linny » 23 Mar 2010, 23:14

So sorry to hear your news about Riley, :( hope you get your referral quickly.
You must be worried sick but try and stay positive,.... sending healing thoughts for Riley and a hug for you.
Do keep us posted.

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Re: Help please in a panic!!!!!

Post by Fraggle69 » 23 Mar 2010, 23:20

Thanks, just sitting here looking at the poor little lad! Hes breathing seems normal, scoffed his tea, no sneezing, only two, so a young dog. Did have kennel cough a year or so ago! No second hand smoke inhalation, I'm so shocked and feel so helpless!

Bless him, he is the best dog ever, and I'm crossing my fingers for a good outcome :) Kelly x

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Re: Help please in a panic!!!!!

Post by amber » 23 Mar 2010, 23:35

Sorry for your awful worry. Its so easy to think the worst, but as you said he is a young dog and had Kennel cough last year. He may have some infection left, and /or fluid.
Just sending get well wishes and hope you recieve the best possible news. xx

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Re: Help please in a panic!!!!!

Post by Dillondood » 23 Mar 2010, 23:37

You must be so worried about Riley, but as Linny says, you must stay positive.

We too are sending you healing thoughts, and hope for a positive update soon.

Do take care xxx
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Re: Help please in a panic!!!!!

Post by wheezie » 23 Mar 2010, 23:41

:( Sorry to hear your news but do please try & be positive. Vets quite frankly are often way better than doctors so I am sure they will get to the bottom of the problem fairly quickly for you, keep your chin up in the meantime :)

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Re: Help please in a panic!!!!!

Post by KateW » 24 Mar 2010, 00:06

What frightening and worrying news; am sending you and Riley lots of positive thoughts and hope you will have good news very soon.

Please don't start scouring the internet; there are so many possibilities and it really may be something minor so there is no point in getting too much information at this stage. Your vet sounds as though they are competent, Riley has youth on his side and has been well cared for since he was born.....

The anaesthetic does make them very lethargic and sleepy; he will probably be much more like himself in the morning.

Thinking of you


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Re: Help please in a panic!!!!!

Post by Clairejen » 24 Mar 2010, 00:09

Hugs and thoughts with you, as the others have said I'm sure it's the anaesthetic causing him to be sleepy.
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Re: Help please in a panic!!!!!

Post by Nicky » 24 Mar 2010, 00:19

The cloudyness on the x ray could mean infection,fluid or a mass.

It could be just fluid on his lung, caused by an infection or irritation from something he has breathed in.
Lung cancer is rare in younger dogs so hopefully this won't be the case.

I hope everything works out and you get it sorted :|

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Re: Help please in a panic!!!!!

Post by joanneday » 24 Mar 2010, 08:02

I've seen a few human chest x rays in my time (used to be a hospital nurse)
the ones that were noticeably 'cloudy' all over were usually infections (pneumonia)
cancer showed more like an opaque mass over the tumour site and the rest of the lung area more clear
unless it was very advanced
I think if it were very advanced he would have been a very sick doggy with noticeable breathing problems over a long period
i'm sure any anaesthetic is enough to make him drowsy for a while
Hope that's reassuring for you- I'm a bit cross the vets would mention the 'c' word without ruling out infection first :)

Just a note for you smokers (and i used to be one so we're the worst at nagging aren't we :) )- animal lung issue is just as sensitive to second hand smoke as childrens. Do yourselves and them a favour and quit! Lots of help with cravings these days and you'd be surprised how easily you stop thinking about it once you're no longer addicted

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Re: Help please in a panic!!!!!

Post by Lindsey » 24 Mar 2010, 09:01

Last summer (2009) Meg came back from a spell in kennels with a cough although she had had the vaccination against kennel cough. She was initially treated with anti-biotics which had no effect and although fine in herself, she was lethargic for a young dog (1 year old) and I kept returning to the vets. I felt neurotic and I'm sure they thought I was mad- but I knew something was wrong. Three weeks later Meg was admitted on my insistance for an exploratory x-ray. She had a lung full of fluid -pneumonia and this had to be drained. It was a very scary time for us so I totally appreciate your worry. Six weeks of steroids and anti-biotics later Meg was more or less better. During this time she was tested for lungworm and it was suggested I use 'Advocate' on a monthly basis. The tests for lungworm (fluid and stool samples) returned clear. The cause was unknown and possibly set off by an allergic bronchitus it was felt. My advice to you is if you are not happy keep pushing for second opinions/tests. We had foolishly not had Meg insured and now this is not a possibility. The final bill for Meg was 1400 pounds. Meg has made a full recovery and is a bouncy girl approaching her 2nd birthday with full health. I wish you a rapid recovery for Riley and remember exactly how you must be feeling. Please pm me if you wish. Lindsey

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Re: Help please in a panic!!!!!

Post by lizziesmum » 24 Mar 2010, 09:02

Oh dear,keep positive,big hug.Freda

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Re: Help please in a panic!!!!!

Post by Bid » 24 Mar 2010, 12:40

Fingers crossed for Riley - there are lots of encouraging posts here - hope they help you while you wait.
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