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Hip/Elbow Scoring

Posted: 11 Apr 2010, 23:41

There is an increasing number of Labradoodles that are suffering from hip and elbow problems. More often than not, Vets are X-raying and treating the dog accordingly. There is some concern that cases of under/over diagnosis may be happening as vets are not generally experts in this specialist field. It is urged that anyone seeking professional help for a dog displaying any symptoms of joint problems ( and providing the dog is over 1 yr old and microchipped ) require their vet to take the X-rays to BVA standards in order for the plates to be sent off and an official score given by the BVA panel of experts. This costs to date *£40 for the very best of second opinions. Treatment can then continue in the light of this expert opinion as deemed appropriate by discussion between the owner and the family vet.

*Cost if Hip and Elbow done together, is £80
Further info here: ... cheme.aspx

Re: Hip/Elbow Scoring

Posted: 12 Apr 2010, 00:00
by amber
Couldnt agree more Netty
I took Robbie to the vets for his hip and elbow Xrays and after the procedure I asked my vet what he thought. His reply was that Robbies hips didnt look too great, especially the one on the left; and he said he may well have problems later on. The scores were then dully sent to the BVA for scoring, at which point I had already booked him in to be neutered I was so certain he wouldnt have a good score.
It turns out I neednt have worried as the scores came back at 11 points, and even.
Unless the vet is a specialist he cannot tell, why run the risk of uncertainty when they can be properly accessed and scored.

Re: Hip/Elbow Scoring

Posted: 12 Apr 2010, 00:11
Mark has kindly agreed to make this a sticky so it won't get lost amongst the other threads :D