Could this be pyometra?

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Could this be pyometra?

Post by mags15 » 28 Apr 2012, 11:54

Our 2 year old gorgeous rehomed Goldendoodle (Sooty), came into season mid March and I'm hoping to have her spayed in June.
However, over the past few days I've noticed my year old entire Cocker male (Einstein) becoming very interested in her, licking her vulva and once or twice trying to mount her.
We assumed she was possibly coming into season again which didn't seem right and on speaking to a friend earlier, am now concerned it could possibly be pyometra? I will take her to the vets on Monday but was wondering what other sorts of urinary tract infections it could possibly be or if anyone has had a similar experience?

Many thanks

Kirsten, Sooty and Einstein. :D

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Re: Could this be pyometra?

Post by sandyandbeanie » 28 Apr 2012, 13:01

Hi Kirsten

I understand your concerns as she has recently been in season, but if it was Pyometra I would expect her to be showing other signs of illness such as a high temperature, pale gums and lethargy. You can take her temperature with a normal thermometer. Put a little Vaseline on the tip and slide it into her bottom. A normal temperature is 38-39 Celsius, or 100-102 Fahrenheit. A high temperature could indicate an infection of some kind.

It is possible that she is having a split-season. This is when they come back into season around 6-8 weeks after being in season. It is not uncommon and I have seen it in a couple of the bitches I've worked with.

I've only seen Pyometra once and the bitch got sick pretty quick so if you are worried something may be going on or she deteriorates a trip to the vet is advisable. Hopefully in your case its just a split season.

Just to throw in a curve ball, if she was pregnant he would be starting to show an interest in her about now too as she would start to smell different :wink:
xx Beanie and Sandy xx

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Re: Could this be pyometra?

Post by mags15 » 28 Apr 2012, 15:13


Thank's very much for that.
Hopefully it will be a split season...Cockerdoodles would be interesting though!!
I was very careful to keep them separated but I know it doesn't take long?!

It was a friend who mentioned the pyometra as her mum's bitch had had the same and it too was recognised by their dog, which got me thinking but hopefully not.
I'll keep a close watch on her but she doesn't seem off coluor in any other way.

Thanks again,

Kirsten, Sooty and Einey :)

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Re: Could this be pyometra?

Post by susiet » 28 Apr 2012, 15:43


Years ago we had a dog with pyrometra and I remember one of the most common signs is drinking amounts of excessive water.

Hope all is well.

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Re: Could this be pyometra?

Post by linny » 28 Apr 2012, 15:51

Pyometra is a life threatening condition and if you suspect it you should contact your vet urgently.
That being sandy has pointed out your girl would be feeling very unwell.
Best speak to your vet if you are concerned.

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Re: Could this be pyometra?

Post by Clairejen » 28 Apr 2012, 16:48

Do you know if she completed her season or if she was given an injection to take her out of it. It is common in such cases that the next season can occur early.
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Re: Could this be pyometra?

Post by Nimitor » 28 Apr 2012, 17:09

I had a bitch that suffered with pyometra and she was very obviously ill very quickly, I am certain that you would notice something very wrong with her. Goldie had a very pronounced discharge,became very thirsty and distressed over a matter of a few hours.I wonder if she could be pregnant though?

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Re: Could this be pyometra?

Post by gilly g » 28 Apr 2012, 19:35

I too, had an unspayed bitch a number of years ago with pyometra which can be very dangerous. She had an excessive vaginal discharge, drank masses and very unsettled. Urgent visit to vet and emergency hysterectomy. She made a full recovery.
I don't want to worry you unnecessarily, hopefully it is just a split season, but if you have any concerns phone the on call vet for reassurance as this can be a life threatening condition, which takes hold very quickly.

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Re: Could this be pyometra?

Post by Florrie! » 28 Apr 2012, 21:09

As others have said, if you suspect pyometra then it can be fatal so if you're worried I would speak to a vet.

A friend of my sister lost her doberman to pyometra last year.
The girl's mum is mentally ill and knew the dog was unwell but didn't think to wake her daughter up and by the time she'd got up in the morning the dog was in a terrible state. The girl immediatley rang her vet who said that they thought it was pyometra and to take her there straight away, she ran next door to get her neighbour to help lift the dog into the car and by the time she came back with the neighbour 2 mins later, the dog had died.


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Re: Could this be pyometra?

Post by mags15 » 29 Apr 2012, 00:47

Thank you all very much for your responses.
Sooty doesn't seem to be showing signs of ill health/excessive thirst or anything else, but I will contact the Vets just to be on the safe side.

Thank you!! :)

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