Coat changes in Labradoodles

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Coat changes in Labradoodles

Post by Japonica892 » 16 Dec 2016, 20:07

My 6 month old Labradoodle seems to have thin patches of hair which almost look bald if you get up close. I have read that Labradoodle lose their puppy coat and I just wondered when this usually happens. He doesn't scratch excessively and I never notice any hair around the house. Sometimes his coat looks clumpy and matted despite regular grooming.


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Re: Coat changes in Labradoodles

Post by Woobie » 16 Dec 2016, 22:27

Watching this one with interest too. Woody is also 6 months (just). Though he hasn't any patchy bits, I've been trying to find out when /How his coat may change. He's got a long haired fleece type coat.

Coco and Annie
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Re: Coat changes in Labradoodles

Post by Coco and Annie » 17 Dec 2016, 09:59

Sorry about your worry. Can you post some pictures of the patchy bits to show us what you mean?

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Re: Coat changes in Labradoodles

Post by Bid » 18 Dec 2016, 09:42

Usually at some point between 6 and 18 months a doodle puppy will change it's coat, but not normally lose it. They tend to get very knotty and straggly, and then the new adult coat comes through.
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