Gunky eye!

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Gunky eye!

Post by c123 » 20 Jun 2008, 11:43

Bailey has got a gunky eye. it started yesterday it is a bit leaky and yellowy/green. It doesn't seem to be bothering him but it obviously isn't right!
Does anybody know if i can get something in the shop for him or does he need to go to the vets?
He's booked on to the vets for his castratation(!!!!) on monday, could it wait till then or should i take him today if he needs to go?
Any thoughts or advice gratefully received!


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Re: Gunky eye!

Post by smilerz » 20 Jun 2008, 12:28

hi Catherine,

I suggest you get him to the vets asap as it sounds very much like conjunctivitis just like we get and it is contagious so he will need treatment, if he is going in Monday and they can't get you in earlier I am sure the vets will understand. Just try and wipe it clean to stop the build up. And keep it dry until Monday and I am sure you will be OK.

Good luck for Monday and let us know how you get on. It might not be conjunctivitis it may be just a foreign body but still needs vet treatment, eyes are very precious as I am sure you know.

Take care,

Adele and Team xx

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Re: Gunky eye!

Post by pookie43 » 20 Jun 2008, 14:34

Hi Catherine, Molly was booked in to be done, it turned out she had an ear infection, so they would not do her till she finished her ear drops, I'm not sure if it is the same for eyes, but you could phone them to put your mind at ease.
Hope Bailey gets better soon Molly sends a big kiss :D

Lynn and Molly x

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Re: Gunky eye!

Post by nashav » 20 Jun 2008, 14:39

hi, sounds like an infection, might not necessary be conjunctivitis but i would get it checked out. paige had these symptoms a few months back
(yellow/green discharge) so took her to vets and got some eye drops. Hope Bailey feels better soon.
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Re: Gunky eye!

Post by Murphy's mum » 21 Jun 2008, 08:50

get some golden eye ointment from chemist. It's what I was recommended and it works brilliantly.


Re: Gunky eye!

Post by pinkpoodle » 21 Jun 2008, 14:25

optrex with antibiotics in it from chemist brilliant

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