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Golden Oldie with Pre-existing Conditions
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Author:  daffodil [ 04 Apr 2012, 21:02 ]
Post subject:  Golden Oldie with Pre-existing Conditions

I am hoping all you doodle lovers will be able to point me in the right direction with pet insurance. We have recently with reluctance taken on a family member's 6 year old, spayed Rottweiler Bitch, as she was no longer wanted :cry: .
She has a pre-existing condition, at 4 and half she jumped from a Land Rover and severely damaged her back, spine and pelvis. We know most companies won't insure her but suspect from the new vet's prognosis she will only have another 3 years at best, and warned us the old injury might return as arthritis sets in and will have to consider PTS in the future when pain relief is no longer effective. So, I am wondering as we have funds available should we bother to insure her or not?

Any thoughts gratefully appreciated!

Author:  Phoebe11 [ 04 Apr 2012, 21:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Golden Oldie with Pre-existing Conditions

Phoebe is our first dog and I don't think I am experienced enough to advise you but I am sure some will come and give you advice as to insurance.
I just want to say how I admire you taking her on and although it is a family member's dog I just find it heartbreaking that someone could no longer want her. I understand that personal circumstances mean some dogs have to be rehomed but not to want her anymore is dreadful. Good luck to you.

Author:  Bid [ 04 Apr 2012, 21:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Golden Oldie with Pre-existing Conditions

Oh well done you, for taking her in!

I think if she hasn't got arthritis now, then it would be a new condition. I took on my mothers lab aged 6 when she had to go to a nursing home. He was very overweight (45 kg :shock: ). When we got him we insured him with Pet plan. Shortly after getting him our vet diagnosed arthritis. The insurance covered his arthritis meds for 6 years, and hydrotherapy (although they changed their policy on that eventually). Just he glucosamine tablets were £30 a month so it was worth doing, Barney lived with us for 6 years so it was a lot of money saved.

My point is that your girl could get arthritis for a number of reasons, and if she hasn't got it now, then it would be new so covered, I would think :?

Author:  JeanG [ 04 Apr 2012, 21:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: Golden Oldie with Pre-existing Conditions

Bless you for taking her in. I have a very soft spot for rottweilers, fantastic, often misunderstood, loyal, wonderful dogs. My children grew up with our rottie girl. What Bid says makes sense. It may also be worth asking your vet's advice seeing as he'll be the one making the claims. Get some info in writing about exactly what her pre existing conditions are; what may happen in the future is irrelevant at the moment. Then make an informed decision.
I hope your new girl lives as long and healthy a life as possible. :) :) :)

Author:  Rowan11 [ 04 Apr 2012, 21:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Golden Oldie with Pre-existing Conditions

i think you are amazing for taking her on ! what a lovely person you are. i wish you lots of love from her and lots of luck with insurance issues. i think bid could be right - its not present at the minute so i dont see why they wouldnt cover it. best of luck. x

Author:  Maggie111 [ 04 Apr 2012, 21:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Golden Oldie with Pre-existing Conditions

You're wonderful for taking her on - if I were you I'd ring up and speak to an insurance advisor, make notes and if necessary ring again and speak to someone else to make sure :)

I also have a bit of a soft spot for rotties - I'm so happy she's spending the rest of her days in such a caring enviroment.
Good luck

Author:  Bolster [ 04 Apr 2012, 22:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Golden Oldie with Pre-existing Conditions

First of all well done for giving a home to this poor girl.

Having owned Rotties for nearly 30 years, I know the premiums for lifetime cover are much higher than for many breeds, usually with a high excess, because as a heavy boned very solid breed they have a history particularly of joint related problems which can lead to very expensive treatments. Unfortunately the insurers take no account of the fact that responsible breeders undertake thorough health testing to reduce the risk of these problems.

Since I suspect that insurers would claim that any future joint related problem could be attributed to the previous injury and sadly her life is limited, I would question whether insurance is worthwhile. When my previous insurers doubled my current girl's premiums and increased the excess by 25% in her third year, with no previous claims at all, I decided to put £5000 and £50 per month into a savings account instead.

Of course there are other conditions which could be expensive to treat, especially in an older dog so if you are concerned about meeting those costs as well as the ones you know about, John Lewis is probably the best bet. They quoted £26.80 per month with a £125 excess for my girl aged 2 with £10,000 cover, although that would be £42.52 for a 6 year old.

Best of luck whatever you do.

Author:  JeanG [ 05 Apr 2012, 09:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Golden Oldie with Pre-existing Conditions

Forgot to add one thing. Keep her as slim as you can. As Bolster says they are a heavy boned breed. I always kept my girl very slim and she lived to 12 1/2 years old, although she slowed down in her last year or so she didn't suffer from arthritis and eventually was pts due to kidneys failing and other internal problems. :cry: It could be a bit difficult for you to exercise her properly due to her injuries so she will need her food intake rationed. Poor thing! Sorry! :(

PS - any chance of a photo?

Author:  Maggie111 [ 05 Apr 2012, 09:27 ]
Post subject:  Re: Golden Oldie with Pre-existing Conditions

JeanG wrote:
PS - any chance of a photo?

Yes! A photo!! :D

Author:  daffodil [ 05 Apr 2012, 20:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Golden Oldie with Pre-existing Conditions

Thanks for all you advice, we will see how we fare tomorrow with the insurers!

Buster continues to tolerate her, she is very wary still of everything. She seems chuffed that she is allowed to roam the house and not confined to the kitchen. She has been playful towards Buster this evening in the garden and has started to become less anxious and possessive around food, now able to put both dogs bowls down at mealtimes under supervision without each having a look in each other's bowls. They both also seem to be respecting each other's domains, she sticks to her bed downstairs but shares Buster's large bed upstairs. She has also been to see the new house in the car 8)

I have a lovely picture of them playing at the beach before she went to the vets with her paw, she was over the moon playing on the beach.

If any of you are on FB let me know as I still haven't cracked this uploading photos or links.

Author:  daffodil [ 05 Apr 2012, 21:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Golden Oldie with Pre-existing Conditions

Just found I am still able to access Buster's Photo Bucket album! Busy uploading, here is a link (I really really hope it works!) ... %20Doodle/

Author:  Maggie111 [ 05 Apr 2012, 22:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Golden Oldie with Pre-existing Conditions

Buster's just gorgeous!! I love this pic so much!!! ... 0024-1.jpg

Can't see any pictures of your new addition just yet, but I admit I haven't given them a thorough look :)

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