Essex and surrounding Counties Mass Doodle Dash and Picnic

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Re: Essex and surrounding Counties Mass Doodle Dash and Picnic

Post by Keffie » 16 Jul 2009, 10:50

:shock: Well I very rarly come on here but I had to reply to the suggestion that there was anything nasty happening on Sunday at the wonderful meet at Hylands Park. :shock:

Yes we had naughty doodles and thank goodness for that, (I would have worried if they were all well behaved) but as for the people, well I didnt notice anyone being bitchy about anyone (apart from the puppy farm breeder that I got Pebs from) and I think we were probably allowed to be like that.

I would hate for new people to think twice about going to a meet like that. I met loads of people that I have only ever spoken to on the internet and loved every minute of it. Anyone who really fancys coming along to the next one would be very welcome, the more the merrier, and the only bitches are the wonderful dogs

Jo and Pebs xx

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Re: Essex and surrounding Counties Mass Doodle Dash and Picnic

Post by Flossiebag » 16 Jul 2009, 14:36

Baby Cakes wrote:Hi all,

Not been on here for an age but just had to come and say... my sister was at highlands park at the weekend and saw you all there with your doodles, she was very impressed with how badly behaved you all were! Nice to know it wasn't just because of mine when i went LOL :lol:

i tell you what though, you essex girls are bitchy... apparently after everyone broke up you all stood around in little groups slagging eachother off!!!! she actually wandered around listening to you all (probably checking that you wern't talking about me! :twisted: ) :mrgreen:

Well thats it for another 6 months, now too busy with my doods to spend time on the pc. xxxxx
Steph I really wouldnt bother coming back on here just to post the cr@p that you just have, you just keep yourself busy and stay away from the PC full stop. We all had a fab time, the 30 or so Doods and the 80 or so people, along with the 300 or so other people, great dane association, countless dogs and horses in the park. There was no hint of any problems and amazingly you were not the center of our conversations - in fact it had not even occured to me that you were not there. Amazing how your sister managed to hone in on the essex people who were matched by every other county. If you have a problem with certain people then please go and take it up with them - dont try and be nasty to the rest of us :evil:
Abbey and Esmerelda Doodle

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Re: Essex and surrounding Counties Mass Doodle Dash and Picnic

Post by Baby Cakes » 16 Jul 2009, 21:13

OOOh touched a nerve!! :!: I was actually just telling an amusing story!! Where have you all left your sense of humours!!!! Nasty??? I don't think so! Not me anyway!!

(by the way, strangly my sis would recognise a doodle and actually i think had a chat with some of you, she loves them as much as i do)

Thanks for the PM Ali cat it was good to hear from you again.xx

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Re: Essex and surrounding Counties Mass Doodle Dash and Picnic

Post by joclaire » 17 Jul 2009, 10:19

well i never.... peoples backs have got a bit raised there.... i never saw or heard any bitching or telling stories of each other... some peeps collected in their 'areas' and chatted, and once we'd 'done' the pond dipping :lol: the little uns headed back up towards the house and the big uns went round the other side of pond/lake, then back up to the then we'd all fizzled off to our various cars and directions. so as Ali Cat says maybe we didin't hear it 'cos it was about Eric! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

was a good day and picnic, weather held off and was noice and sunny, had a laugh at the 'who can out hump' each other competition from some of the boy doods, and the sarnie stealers.....Oh said after 'maybe they should have put them on leads while we ate?'....but that would have been no fun at all!!!!

who's arranging the next one?

Jo and Meggy Dood

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