Sleep tight Meg

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Brenda and Ruby
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Sleep tight Meg

Post by Brenda and Ruby » 03 Apr 2008, 19:48

Sadly we had to have our 15 year old Border collie cross put to ssleep last night. We have had Meg since she was 6 weeks old. She has been a lovely dog and mellowed over the years. She accepted our Ruby but did try to keep her in her place. Some of you will have met Meg on our Doodle walks.
Meg has had several strokes over the last 4 weeks but the one last night told us that she had had enough. To her last day, she had 2 short walks and was eating well, but last night we knew it was time to do the kinder thing for her. She died very peacefully within 3 seconds of the vet giving her the injection
Till we meet again at Rainbow Bridge


Wills Miller
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Re: Sleep tight Meg

Post by Wills Miller » 03 Apr 2008, 19:54

Brenda, We are so sorry to hear of the Passing of Meg. It is a very brave decision to make, we have had to do the same in the past. My comfort was lighting a candle for all my babies, it helped so much. Our thoughts are with you and your family, and William and Walter send big sloppy kisses to Ruby. Love, Jill and Gary x
Jill & William Miller

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Re: Sleep tight Meg

Post by tashanlouie » 03 Apr 2008, 19:56

Sleep tight Meg,
Take Care Brenda xx

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Re: Sleep tight Meg

Post by gailg » 03 Apr 2008, 19:59

I am so sorry for your loss and send you my best wishes.
Sweet dreams Meg X
Best Wishes,Gail

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Re: Sleep tight Meg

Post by acer » 03 Apr 2008, 20:01

So sorry to hear of your sad loss, cherish the memories that you have & take comfort from the fact that she is now running free from pain on rainbow bridge
Acer x

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Re: Sleep tight Meg

Post by Fattysplash » 03 Apr 2008, 20:02

Sweet dreams Meg x
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Re: Sleep tight Meg

Post by freyadog » 03 Apr 2008, 20:06

Thinking of you all in this very sad time and our thoughts are with you all.
Our dear sweet border collie had three strokes last year she was thirteen years old we also had to make this very hard choice,it was not easy.
Take care and we are thinking of you all.
My Colsy and you lovely Meg are free running in the hills together both at peace,and free as the birds.
Caroline and Rob x

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Re: Sleep tight Meg

Post by Emma » 03 Apr 2008, 20:23

Oh Brenda, I'm sorry to hear about Meg. She was such a little sweetheart. I remember when we brought her up the road in the car for you at Clumber Park, she plodded along slowly with us, and got in so agreeably with us. You will miss her loads, and so will Ruby I'm sure.
It helps to think of them at Rainbow Bridge, my Bracken is there too, she was a border collie too.
Night night Meg. x
Amos and Emma

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Re: Sleep tight Meg

Post by misskatie » 03 Apr 2008, 20:35

It's an awful, and very brave decision to have to make. My heart goes out to you. We went through the same thing a few months ago :( .

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Re: Sleep tight Meg

Post by susiegill » 03 Apr 2008, 20:48

We are so sorry to hear about Meg Brenda.

Thinking of you and Reg at this sad time. Night night god bless Meg.

Amie will miss her little friendxx
Susan, Rosie & Molly

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Re: Sleep tight Meg

Post by gardnerk » 03 Apr 2008, 21:21

So sorry.
Hard and brave decision to make.
Thinking of you.


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Re: Sleep tight Meg

Post by Lottie'n'Alfie » 03 Apr 2008, 22:15

Oh Brenda I'm so sorry. It's awful isn't it that one day you know you will probably have to make 'that' decision. I honestly think they let you know when they have had enough and I think it's the final kindness that you can do for them. I can only imagine what you are going through so sending all our love and best wishes to you and Reg and Ruby.

Charlotte, Paul, Alfie and Max
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Re: Sleep tight Meg

Post by Pippin » 03 Apr 2008, 22:31

:cry: Thinking of you.

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Re: Sleep tight Meg

Post by Flossiebag » 03 Apr 2008, 22:34

So sorry for your loss - big hugs and comforts :( :(
Abbey and Esmerelda Doodle

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Re: Sleep tight Meg

Post by fudgepuddle » 03 Apr 2008, 22:37

Oh Brenda :cry: am so very sorry. It's so hard to say goodbye when we love them so much, but she will always be alive in your heart.
sweet dreams meg

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