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Posted: 19 Nov 2006, 16:25
by Larlie
OOh just a thought, Ancaster waters is close and a good in between place for everyone to meet i think, from what i remember lots of open space too. I will have to check it out,open to others suggestions too.


Posted: 19 Nov 2006, 17:27
by jelly
Hi im hapy to travel just will need some directions never been there before? :D


Posted: 19 Nov 2006, 23:17
by susanan
I am happy to go to Ancaster but I would need some directions!

Are we planning to meet before Christmas or waiting to the new year. What do you all think.


Posted: 20 Nov 2006, 08:13
by jelly
Hi im up for before or after although if its before xmas i wont be able to bring my little doodles as there not 7 weeks until the weekend and then i have to wait til their 12 weeks after there vaccinaions but i can still bring my lab ( there mum) and a few other dogs :D

Posted: 26 Nov 2006, 21:26
by Larlie
Back from my break away now. After christmas would be better for me i think, especially as i really need to get a move on and do some christmas shopping!!!!! I will stop off at Woodland Waters in Ancaster and see hoe suitable it wiuld be for a meet and familierise myself with it too, so watch this space and i will let you all know.
We were only away 5 days and i can't beleive how much bigger Poppy looks. It will be fun at the meet as she doesn't listen to a word i say when there are other dogs around :oops:

Posted: 27 Nov 2006, 14:06
by susanan
Thanks Larlie. Look forward to hearing how the "site visit" goes.

Posted: 27 Nov 2006, 23:59
by Larlie
went to Ancaster today :( and you've guessed it, not so good news.... dogs are welcome but must be kept on a lead at all times. There were alot of canadian geese on the bank of one of the lakes, which is my guess why, so back to any other ideas :roll: Sorry!! What about Bourne Woods?? Susanan you know this area best don't you??

Posted: 28 Nov 2006, 13:54
by susanan
I will have a look at Bourne Woods at the weekend. We do go to the wood regularly but not the entrance I think would be easier for people to find.

If anyone else has a suggestion, perhaps a more open space, then let us know.



Posted: 29 Nov 2006, 21:52
by jelly
i have no idea where to go lol bet your dog listens more than mine also mine love to swim so somewhere with water would be great :D

Posted: 30 Nov 2006, 13:11
by susanan
I'll see what I can find!!!

Posted: 05 Dec 2006, 14:19
by susanan
Just to let you know I havent made it to Bourne Woods yet as they have shut the road that leads to the entrance!!

We are going away on Thursday for a few days so hopefully the road will be open when we get back. I will keep you all posted.


Posted: 05 Dec 2006, 21:56
by Logan doodle
Just heard today that our breeders dog is pregnant and the pups due late Jan, Soooooooo exceited, there better be 10. :D :D
Anyway hope to catch up after xmas, have no idea where the places are that have been mentioned but sure we will have no probs finding it. Thanks to those who have been park checking!!

Bex and co.

Posted: 16 Dec 2006, 15:17
by susanan
Hi everyone

Went for a walk in Bourne Woods this morning. It would be perfect for a doodle meet. There is even a pond for swimming. The entrance is off the road from Bourne to Colsterworth roundabout and easy to find. Plenty of parking and even a fenced off playground. I cant believe we have lived here for two years and never visited before.

Can I suggest a date for the meet. How about Sunday 7 January at 11am.

Look forward to hearing your views.


Posted: 16 Dec 2006, 15:57
by DizzyDora
Hi Is the Colsterworth roundabout the one on the A1? & if so is Bourne wood anywhere near Ingoldsby? & if the answer is yes to any of the above can anyone come with or without a doodle?
Sorry loads of questions I know but our son lives out that way & perhaps we could also join you all?

Posted: 16 Dec 2006, 20:32
by Larlie
We hope to be there. Got a 40th birthday party the night before, which is why i say Hope!!!!!
Ingoldsby is that way on i believe!!!
I will look forward to meeting everyone with my mad and very excitable doodle Poppy.