Worst thing your doodle has eaten.......?

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Worst thing your doodle has eaten.......?

Post by Clair&Bob » 28 May 2010, 21:59

Bobby is totally motivated by food and anything that he can eat which slightly resembles food!

He has a real fancy for a cup of tea - no mugs on the floor in our house!

A couple of weeks ago Finley (2) asked for a 'brew' which I duly made. Five minutes later I caught Bobby eating the sand in Finleys sand pit - Finley had poured his tea on to the sand! One full day in the vets on a drip with the possibility of surgery had it not flushed through and Bobby Boo was pooing pure sand! Goodness knows how much he had eaten!

Yesterday it was snails for lunch (have rang the vet re lungworm)

Maybe it's time for a muzzle? :roll:
Clair & Bob


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Re: Worst thing your doodle has eaten.......?

Post by trinared » 28 May 2010, 22:17

Between them Marley, but more so Duffy (has the lab tummy) have eaten the following.. with no lasting ill effects so far thank goodness...

Rose bush -all of it :roll:
Spiders - several before I could rescue them
Stones - involved lots of chasing her round the garden shouting Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeave
Old manky tissues off the pavement - ick
Squashed berries - followed by purple vomiting
Skirting board - pieces of wood had to be picked from teeth
Lino floor - :evil:
A dead fish floating in a rowing lake :shock:
Thrown away curry / chips / chinese - mum couldnt catch up fast enough to stop them
Playstation 3 game - OH gutted
Brand new Avatar Blue Ray disc - Mum :evil:
Goose poo - followed by poorly tummy and several vet visits and lots of money

......... dont you just love em to bits :roll: :lol:
seriously though, Marley desnt really pick things up but Duffy has to have everything she sese in her mouth so have to be so vigilant :?
Marley and Duffy

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Re: Worst thing your doodle has eaten.......?

Post by Clair&Bob » 28 May 2010, 22:21

Got the giggles now!

Bobby is permantently being told to drop or leave at increasing decibels - neighbours must despair of the day he was brought home!

He is now lying on the sofa fast asleep (yes - the one he shouldn't be on!) and looks like an angel :lol:

Still laughing.........................

Clair & Bob


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Re: Worst thing your doodle has eaten.......?

Post by Madeleine » 28 May 2010, 22:35

Dylan has eaten loads of stuff he shouldn't
The one that sticks in my memory was on a walk he came charging out of the woods with a balloon - it was still blown up and I suppose it was my reaction [screaming] that he quickly burst it and swallowed it !! in 2 seconds

Vet advised bulk feeding with rice which did the trick and it reappeared later when hubby was walking him ! pink poo


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Re: Worst thing your doodle has eaten.......?

Post by Leah » 28 May 2010, 23:02

Monty also eats anything and everything!
He especially enjoys used tissues but has also gobbled 2 hair bands, a pink crayon and a plastic tree this week alone.
By far the most annoying thing is the kids dinners straight off the table if they leave them unguarded for even a second - he wolfed down 2 slices of pizza plus a generous serving of the pizza box at lunch time!
Need eyes in the back of my head
Dread to think what he'll eat once he's fully grown!

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Re: Worst thing your doodle has eaten.......?

Post by Rosikus » 28 May 2010, 23:10

Razor blades. Four of them. At 1am. On a Sunday. When my parents were on holiday.

£1100+ later Toby's now got a scar anyone would be proud of.


Most terrifying night of my life, I can tell you!

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Re: Worst thing your doodle has eaten.......?

Post by Glitterbug » 29 May 2010, 06:49

Oh no! Was giggling away about until the razor blades :shock: Poor thing and you too Rosie!!

Piet will eat anything (currently aged 22 weeks yesterday). I was getting worried until I read this thread.

He shares the love of used manky tissues, loves slate from my pots on the decking (cue loud 'Leave' and citronella spraying and yest the neighbours enjoy it too), a straw (got that in time), stones (usually get spat out after a good chewing), a pencil (again just about got that in time), cement (dried not wet), my lawn :shock: , a piece of decaying fishin the bushes while out for a stroll - have never seen him move so fast!! (not so quick there and he had bad breath for ages), any sweet wrapper within 100 yards, and yesterday part of the hose attachments that I retrieved from his mouth in lightening speed!!! I am sure the list will grow........ :roll: :roll:
Ooops forgot horse poo - the fresher the better, in fact preferably still steaming!! Yuck.

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Re: Worst thing your doodle has eaten.......?

Post by watto » 29 May 2010, 06:58

I have just picked up a poo in the backyard containing a large, wide, intact elastic band. No idea where that came from. Charlie is so quick and sneaky, but thankfully doesn't eat poo, his own or others' :shock: Scary razorblade incident, Rosie.


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Re: Worst thing your doodle has eaten.......?

Post by claireand? » 29 May 2010, 07:25

Cow poo mainly, the steamier the better (BLEUGH!) one of our walks is through a cow field and he just lurves it. It used to really affect his tummy but not so much now, must have got used to it.

Swipes any food un attended at the table, and took two frozen fish fingers as i turned my back to open the oven door to put them in!!!

Most recently he got into the lounge (usually only allowed in there if we are) and decimated the ugly electric fire thing complete with faux coal...still finding bits of the pretend coal around the house. Not sure if he actually ate it but definitely crunched it up a lot!


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Re: Worst thing your doodle has eaten.......?

Post by Mica1971 » 29 May 2010, 08:43

Cold Sore Cream! Trip to vets, a call to the National Poisons Centre (didn't know one existed) and a wait for what seemed like hours only to be told there was nothing in it that could harm him. He was 10 weeks old at the time. OH got what for when he came home as he had left it lying where pup could get it.

Stones and Sticks when he was younger, bread or random food whilst walking, thankfully if I see it before he does and say leave he mostly will - depends if he is in a mood to listen or ignore me! :lol:


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Re: Worst thing your doodle has eaten.......?

Post by Barneyboy » 29 May 2010, 09:37

3 litres of used cooking oil - ready to be thrown out as we were moving house the next day. Problem was, it was a Council house exchange, and we had promised to leave the carpets behind for the new tenants........

Mind you, they got their own back by leaving ALL their old rubbish in the back garden.

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Re: Worst thing your doodle has eaten.......?

Post by Daisy(mini)Doodle » 29 May 2010, 10:29

5 litre carton of red wine all over the dining room carpet, hence the sunglasses
Chris & Pauline Daisy & Ziva

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Re: Worst thing your doodle has eaten.......?

Post by candy's mum » 29 May 2010, 10:30

absolutely anything you can think of.........but the best or worst was a latex purple glove......I wear them when gardening.......poured salty water down her throat and she was very sick.......but no purple glove.......it came out the other end two days later all in one piece........that was Candy.........Honey bless her only eats dog poo! (not her own) the older and mankier the better! Carpet has a huge hole in it in living room, pens have been eaten, books including my 'looking after puppies for Dummies'....... :lol: you name it Candy has had a go at it.........broadband cable has been patched so many times........plants, garden, cd's, dvd's.........but she is growing out of it now (I hope)
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Re: Worst thing your doodle has eaten.......?

Post by marionfunnell » 29 May 2010, 11:48

Finn is known for eating socks and vomiting these back up (sometimes a week later). We've had dead fish, dead birds, plastic dolls but the worse for me has been plastic poo bags with the poo in them - we are now at two!!! :roll: Thankfully, no side effects really except vomiting :lol:

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Re: Worst thing your doodle has eaten.......?

Post by MalcolmW » 29 May 2010, 13:41

Both Ruby and Lottie have managed to eat TV remote controls. When she was a pup, Lottie got an wooden ornament off the top of a unit and chewed it into thousands of pieces - she did the same with an enormous Yukka plant all my other dogs had never looked at :mrgreen:

Last week Ruby ate half a dead pigeon she found on the field with no side effects - I was expecting a dodgy tummy and loads of runny poo :?

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