Vets charges

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Vets charges

Post by Daisy(mini)Doodle » 07 Feb 2011, 12:34

Walking Ziva on saturday in the woods when she sliced open her dew pad. My vet was closed so I phoned the emergency number which in our area happens to be the PDSA which are open all day on a Saturday. Took Ziva up there £120 for a consultation they wouldnt let us go into the room with her as apparently the owner being present can put pressure on the vet. The nurse came out to say shes very excitable (Ziva is normally very chilled out for a 6mth old puppy and was certainly not showing much excitement when she went in to the room) Anyway as a result she needed the pad stitched. Total cost £500.82p(Paid at the time of treatment no other option to pay later) plus additional costs for vet check ups. When I raised a question over the cost it was brushed aside as the insurance will pay. My biggest moan is for the consultation I would normally expect to pay £30 so where does £120 come from bearing in mind the vets were open and Saturday is a normal working day for them. I would expect to pay a small amount extra as its not my vet and its an emergency but I think this is excessive. Needless to say the PDSA did not get a donation on this occasion. Ziva is doing well
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Re: Vets charges

Post by Clairejen » 07 Feb 2011, 16:10

OMG that is outrageous! I'm really shocked at that, and it is all very well saying the insurance will pay, why do the think premiums are going through the roof? It has to be paid for somehow.
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Re: Vets charges

Post by stanleystooks » 07 Feb 2011, 16:15

That sounds far too much, thats the problem they prey on animal lovers even though insurance pay out that is no excuse for being utterly ripped off :twisted:



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Re: Vets charges

Post by cathox » 07 Feb 2011, 16:31

VetsNow is an emergency vet and I know their consultation fees are about £80. They don't make you wait outside though! :shock:

£500 is definitely excessive

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Re: Vets charges

Post by blueboysgirl » 07 Feb 2011, 17:03

My vet is a monday to friday vet. I've registered with 'Companion Care' who are open as normal 7 days a week, which is handy for wormers, routine enquiries and vaccinations. However, it is across town, so when Bruno was bitten on a Sunday morning, I used the emergency vet in the next village.
£100 consultation then about £28 for the antibiotics and anti-inflammatory jab.

I didn't mind paying this, as it was an emergency, but they treated it like any other consultation, ie. letting me in the room, vet nurse calming Bruno down, itemised reciept, AND the option to pay within the next 4 weeks, through my own vet!!

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Re: Vets charges

Post by Vincento » 07 Feb 2011, 17:33

£120 sounds about right (here in Norfolk) for an out of hours weekend vet call out and I'm sure that our own vet is only open on Saturday's am for emergency's and pre booked treatments. But I think the overall charge seems expensive. Did you get a proper detailed invoice :?: (we always have to ask for one). And to then be told that you couldn't go with your dog whilst it has treatment smells a bit suspicious...we've never been told we couldn't be with our dog (other than when our last doodle had an operation for a twisted gut..3 hours surgery) but as soon a we could see him we spent most of the day on and off with him. I would definately question the charge with your own vet and maybe recheck with the PDSA as it seems like they pick a figure out of mid air once they know you're insured.
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Re: Vets charges

Post by Jennifer » 07 Feb 2011, 18:40

When I found out my cat had an abscess it was on a saturday afternoon when my vets are not open. So I rang the emergency vets who cost me £120 for the consultation and £40 for the antibiotics. :shock:
My pet insurance does not cover 'out of hours' costs unless it is life threatening. :twisted: Certainly might be life threating for the vets if I catch up with them again. :lol:
I think this is extortionate and agree that this is why insurance premiums are soo high. :evil:

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Re: Vets charges

Post by Madeleine » 07 Feb 2011, 20:22

We paid £180 which included the consultation and treatment when Dixie was poorly back in November.
The insurance paid out but we paid the excess of £100 which is steep but hopefully we wont have to use them again.
I do think it would help if vets did discount on the everyday things we all buy such as wormers and flea tablets etc this would be great and help compensate the high cost of out of hours treatment - wishful thinking !!!!

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