How are our friends in the South West???

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Re: How are our friends in the South West???

Post by RosieR » 06 Feb 2014, 19:30

Had enough now every where is saturated trying to find places to walk is getting harder :cry:
O`reilly my little TERROR


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Re: How are our friends in the South West???

Post by MrsAdmin » 07 Feb 2014, 08:43

Managed to get hold of a handyman who came into Mum's attic with me and fixed slates into the holes from the inside and wired them into place as a temporary repair.

Hopefully that will keep the rain out until the scaffold goes up and the roofer can look at the rest of the damage from the outside.

It's an Edwardian villa so extremely high and no-one can get a ladder up to the roof, even if the wind and rain abated for long enough for it to be safe. Hence the need for scaffolding.

Just praying the wind doesn't get in and rip any more of it off as there is still all the front ridge slates missing and that was impossible to reach from the attic.

I did look up the local elderly support charity in the hope they would know a handyman but they don't make recommendations. They could offer her a cup of cheap coffee in their drop in centre and lend her a jigsaw though :roll:

With all this hassle and stress, I think it's valium she and I are needing :lol:

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Re: How are our friends in the South West???

Post by Madeleine » 07 Feb 2014, 09:46

Haven't posted for ages but John and I often talk about the devon diehards. The pictures we've seen on the news are unbelievable, the power of the sea is scarey.
There doesn't seem at the moment be any respite which must be so disheartening the folk on the Somerset levels must be feeling wretched.
I do hope you all stay safe humans as well as doods.

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Re: How are our friends in the South West???

Post by MandyG » 07 Feb 2014, 10:14

I think everyone in the country is sick and tired of rain, and while we all moan about it while we're safe and dry and watching it through the windows, we don't appreciate how traumatic it can be, especially for the older folks in the flood plain. For us it's an inconvenience - wet dog towels, muddy floors and pooches refusing to go out in it (Phoebe!). For others it's way beyond that.

So, warm thoughts and doodle licks to those affected like Mrs. A and her mum. Let's hope it stops soon and we can have a lovely spring.

Love and licks, Phoebe and Mandy

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Re: How are our friends in the South West???

Post by linny » 07 Feb 2014, 16:59


There was a window in the weather this morning and I managed to get the dogs out for a much needed run on the beach.
It was unbeleivably calm and warm.
There is at least 5ft in depth of the beach missing :shock:
The picture shows the sea defence groins that we normally climb through or over....but this morning we walked under them :!:
I did find a couple of very old Corona bottles complete with their marble and wire stoppers.....obviously from a picnic many years ago...they must have been buried in the dunes.....I wonder if I can still get my deposit back :lol: :lol:
There is sooo much plastic litter on the dunes :( bottles, plastic beach shoes and plastic bags all so dangerous to the wildlife.....I did pick up quite a lot but then realised the bins had gone :roll:
It was nice to get out and walk but so sad to see the damage and the pollution.


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