Working full time with a Labradoodle?

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Working full time with a Labradoodle?

Post by Hscott789 » 23 Oct 2014, 14:38


Me and my partner have wanted a labradoodle for ages, we have just brought our first house and are looking to get a labradoodle.
But I really don't know if we are making the right decision, I know they are sociable dogs but we have had 1 breeder telling us she wouldn't give us one of her puppy's as we work full time, mon-Friday.
I work locally and leave at 8.30 and then have an hours lunch break where I return home and then I am home at 5.
My partner sometimes works locally and sometimes doesn't so his time varies, we know two people that have labradoodle's, one couple never leave the dog longer than 4 hours by itself (which would be the same for us) and the other couple work full time as well.
I am now worried we will get our puppy and it will be unhappy which is the last thing I want! We wanted to get the puppy around Christmas as overall we are off for 3 weeks between us so we have time to get the dog settled, we literally have a breeder with a dog waiting but I want to make sure that this is the right decision as advised the last thing I would want would be to get the dog and for it to be un happy.
So my question does anyone work full time and have a labradoodle or just have any advise for us?
Thank you

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Re: Working full time with a Labradoodle?

Post by Samdunn » 23 Oct 2014, 15:02

I don't work full- time so my opinion may not be valid however I think if you're both out the house all day all week it will be hard. Sam (a labradoodle ) is very sociable and loves being around the family. On the two days I work he spends the day with my mum and her dog. Plus , if you get a pup they demand a lot of time and attention in the early days. Maybe you could make use of dog day care or dog sitters but I think itd be lonely for a wee pup to spend most of its day and week alone. Just my thoughts. Maybe an older dog with less energy might be an option?.

Sasha & Pluto
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Re: Working full time with a Labradoodle?

Post by Sasha & Pluto » 23 Oct 2014, 15:46


I work full time, leave the house at 8ish go home at 11.45 for an hour then hubby is back home at around 3.30 once he's picked our daughter up from school. He's crated when we are not there as he's a bit of a chewer. I know people who have dog walkers that go in at lunch time.
He'll be on his own at night time, unless you are planning to have him stay upstairs with you.
I think there will be more advice from experienced dog owners on here. But it works for us. You will find what works for you
Good luck :D
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Re: Working full time with a Labradoodle?

Post by Pollydoodle » 23 Oct 2014, 15:58

Hi, good for you for even asking for differing views. :D Hand on heart, personally I would not if we were out all the time. Folks do ,finding work arounds and some pups seem ok but many struggle. A pup can't hold their bladder for 4 hrs for good many months so you have to be prepared for mess in the kitchen or where ever you would leave him. I think it would be unfair on crating a very young pup for 4 hrs at a time considering it would have to relieve itself. The breeder who refused you a pup obviously cares more for the pup's welfare than the cash,so is to be commended imo. It is really tough on a young pup to be left for so many hours in the early weeks/months. Also getting a pup at Christmas hmm well there are plenty folks breeding for the " pup for Xmas" market so I prefer not to encourage. If you do go ahead, I'd consider waiting to the spring or summer holidays and work your time off work then if poss. Having a pup in the winter is not as much fun when you are standing outside in the dark and freezing weather whilst pup needs his/her toilet break at midnight/3am. Just my view...
Goodluck with your decsion

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Re: Working full time with a Labradoodle?

Post by Bid » 23 Oct 2014, 17:33

I don't leave mine more than 4 hours either, but that is my maximum under unusual circumstances, not a daily thing. I wouldn't want them to be left that long on a daily basis - it's not fair. I didn't have a dog when I was working full time out of the home as it didn't seem right. Now both OH and I pop in and out of the house throughout the day. I know people do it, and the dogs cope, but I don't think they should. SOmething to consider - they are active dogs, and ideally need an hours walk mostly off lead twice a day - you can probably manage that during the summer, but in the winter it will be hard to do as it will be dark before and after work.
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Re: Working full time with a Labradoodle?

Post by canteron » 23 Oct 2014, 17:40

Please don't unless you really have a good budget for dog walkers, etc.

Labradoodles need huge amounts of stimulation and are highly social - and being left alone for long periods it will leave you with a dog with an almost certain chance of developing behaviour problems. Poor thing will go mad being shut up all day - and so will you when your kitchen/tables/clothes etc have all been chewed and once again you come home to pee everywhere and a few poos - and it won't be the dogs fault if you have left it on its own all day.

Also, IME, the tension and problems that it can cause at work due to your lack of flexibility can put pressure on your employment - and normally the employer wins and the dog looses - and what if everyone wants to out for a drink after work and you can't?

Sorry to be harsh, but I feel quite strongly. As a suggestion, why not put a notice up in your local shop saying you are happy to walk dogs/have them to stay at weekends. There are huge amounts of people with dogs who would like a little bit more help, then you can have a dog fix without the limitations/responsibility.

Well done for really considering it thought - I think the fact that you have posted shows you have real doubts about the reality of this dream at this point in your life (a good point will come, just hang on in there).

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Re: Working full time with a Labradoodle?

Post by dexysback » 23 Oct 2014, 18:04

I dont think dogs should be alone that long ,but i think part time is fine ,or maybe if you could afford day care or family could pop in or even a dog walker ,i am saying this cause next door have two dogs they are left all day outside with kennel and all they do is bark at gate all day and look that fed up,the one keeps jumping over my fence just for a fuss.If you miss havin a dog why dont you walk dogs on weekend ,for a local kennel they are always looking for people to help .Or do pet sitting at weekends,in the end its up too you but you must think of the dog first.the are lots of people that do work full time and pets are fine but there are lots that are not.

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Re: Working full time with a Labradoodle?

Post by campfaz18 » 23 Oct 2014, 18:50

Hmm its a difficult one as there are many people who have dogs and work full time and may be reluctant to post to tell you they do as I think most people would think it is not ideal.

Personally I wouldn't have a dog if we both worked full time. We got Jacob when Nat was off work sick. That was a big mistake as though she was here with him she was exhausted as puppies demand a lot of attention.

Luckily for us I work a lot from home now and Nat has her own business mainly working two days a week. We also have a dog walker three days a week to cover when Nat is working out of the house and I might be out too.

We do leave Jacob for longer than four hours occasionally but it really is only once or twice a year. I think the thing that would worry me is that when you come back for lunch you would then be leaving the pup again for a further lengthy period for the afternoon session at work. Dogs do get used to what they are offered and Jacob has a walk in the morning before I start work usually off lead which takes about an hour. His dog walker takes him for 45 minutes at lunchtime usually on lead but sometimes off. Then he goes out again around 4.00 for another off lead walk with Nat.

He is a real nag if his afternoon walk is any later than 5.00 and if he has not been left much he sulks if he can't come with us giving us a real hang dog face and refusing to eat the treats we leave for him until we come back home. I take this all to mean that he prefers it when he is with us and that if he could choose he would not be left at all.

I think most dogs would prefer company if it was their choice to make and full time work makes for a lonely life for a dog in my view - you will probably get many more views like this probably not what you want to hear.

Well done for thinking about it and it sounds like the first breeder you went to is very responsible. They may be willing to put you in touch with doodle owners who need weekend care from time to time. We have someone who home boards Jacob for occasional weekends and holidays.
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Re: Working full time with a Labradoodle?

Post by Ben » 23 Oct 2014, 19:18

Well done for asking the question.

I have four doodles and work school hours, have the school holidays and live 2 miles from work. My partner works 3 miles from home and there is normally someone or other family member who comes in during the day.

If you want to make it work you can, there are options for you. Good luck x

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Re: Working full time with a Labradoodle?

Post by suebedo » 23 Oct 2014, 19:50

When we got Fozzie, I was not working. We got Florence 3 months later - not ideal and lots of good sound advice against it but it has worked very well for us.
I went back to work when Fozzie was nearly a year old. We had spent some time finding a dog walker, spending time with her and talking the dogs out walking with her. It meant when I did finally start working, I was happy and content that my babies were having a great time.

I found that my two keep each other company during the day but I would not consider leaving them all day if I didn't have my dog walker to come in and break up their day and take them out for their fun times.. If she is ever off (she has never taken a holiday or been sick but has gone on dog training courses) we have arranged to take at least a half day off work so that the dogs were not left all day. They get a full hour of off lead running, jumping, swimming and mud snorkelling - they love Aunty Tania as she represents all of the fun things in life to them.

I know lots of people have dogs who work full time - for me it would never be a choice and after many months of saying we are going to do it, January will see us putting the house one the market to downsize so that I can stay at home again to look after the dogs.

When we knew that working full time was the only option, we stuck to cats who often prefer independant living!!

Think really hard before making your choice - you can make it work if you are prepared for the costs in both money and time. We have found that our weekends are geared entirely around the dogs as we try to make up for the time we have missed during the week. Our dog walker costs £75 per week to walk our 2 everyday - worth every penny.

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Re: Working full time with a Labradoodle?

Post by Liz!! » 23 Oct 2014, 21:32

There was a TV programme not long ago which showed how anxious and upset dogs were who were left home alone. They filmed them and measured levels of stress hormones etc. Even most of the ones that seemed fine, and whose owners thought they were fine, were stressed. Only a very few weren't.

They like to be with you. You are their world. They don't watch TV, understand what's on the radio and they can't read. Their joys are you, food, you, walks, and you.

They are pack animals, and being without their pack is stressful.

Even my 14 inch labradoodle needs a good hour and half to two hours walk a day - when I say walk, she runs around like a mad thing through the fields and goes very much further than the 4 miles us humans do.

Yo can't keep a dog in a crate for that long in the day, and a pup would nibble and oop and wee all over, it takes qite a while to toilet train some of them.

And if you are getting a puppy, you'd need quite a while co of intensive training, and a pup which has been taken from the constant company of its mum and brothers and sisters not long before cannot possibly hope to be happy alone for hours a day.

I think you really know the answer to your question - and you clearly have been to a responsible breeder.

Maybe an older rescue which has been shown to be happy left alone?
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Re: Working full time with a Labradoodle?

Post by Curious George » 24 Oct 2014, 08:33

Hi, this will go against a lot of what people have already written, but here we go. I was also worried about this before getting a doodle.

We have a nearly 11 month labradoodle and both work full time. When we got him I was at home though, until he was about 6/7 months so gradually got him used to being on his own for longer times. He seems happy enough with this and has the TV on and lots of things to entertain him. He never barks out the windows and generally plays with toys/treats, sleeps or watches TV (and he does actually watch, its strange) you can get doggy TV programs too! Being at home to begin with also meant I could do A LOT of training with him (they need it, and enjoy it)

Now we work full time we take him out for a 30/45 min walk first thing in the morning, have a dog walker that takes him out for at least an hour at lunch, usually two, or we come back (as we work locally) at lunch. Then at least an hours walk in the evening and lots of training and play whenever we can. He also sleeps with us in the bedroom at night. Meant to be on the floor, but we are both softies so often ends up on the bed with us.

I don't think people should be told they are not allowed a dog simply because they work full time, but it is hard fitting it around work and having either a dog walker or family and friends that can pop in when possible is a must! You can get a puppy pack quite often from dog walkers to come see and play with your puppy a few times a day before they are up for bigger walks. Also doggy day care is a possibility but expensive and also would get him used to being with dogs all the time, so being left alone then might be harder?? (not sure)

If you do decide to get one then remember they are a big responsibility. We spend all the time we can with George, especially at weekends. So if you have a busy social life as well as working full time then maybe not the best option? But I would say don't be too put off if you think you can give them a wonderful loving life and have the time! We don't know where we would be without George!
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Re: Working full time with a Labradoodle?

Post by Jolono » 24 Oct 2014, 11:15

Hi There
I think in the ideal world we would all have a dog and stay home with them full time but unfortunately this is the real world where this can not always happen. Do not be put off from having a dog because you work full time - its not the ideal, just different. I have found that dogs get very used to routine - so if the routine is that you leave them to go to work and then come home again that is what they will get used to and that is what they expect. Unless they have separation anxiety most dogs sleep when they are left and in fact Chester gets quite upset if we dont go out the usual time and he takes himself off to his bed anyway! Might be a bit more difficult at the beginning when their bladders are small but dogs are adaptable creatures and will enjoy the loving that you will be giving them when you are there. When you think of all the suffering that dogs survive at some owners hands leaving them alone is not the worst that can happen to them when the rest of their world is great!

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Re: Working full time with a Labradoodle?

Post by Jennywren21 » 24 Oct 2014, 12:17

Hi jenny here,

I work mon thru Thursday full time but we have worked it quite well,
I walk Molly for half an hour in morning , leave at 8 back at 12 to let her out have a quick play and give her lunch go back to work at 12.45 my daughter is home from work by 2.30 so from then on she has company for rest of the day, she is walked in afternoon and then after tea she is walked again, we know she is ok for four hours because we have set up a CCTV camera in the kitchen which my husband monitors from his phone and he does check frequently , she has the whole run of kitchen , and her crate is always open for her to pop in and out we leave telly on as well and toys and a chew, she actually is often in her crate when he checks, she doesn't seem distressed about being alone and I don't think it does them any harm to be able to be left, I know everyone has their own views but we have given Molly a safe and loving home and after watching Paul o'grady
Which we love , we feel satisfied that Molly is one of the lucky dogs in this
World, when you see the sad abandoned dogs .

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Re: Working full time with a Labradoodle?

Post by Liz!! » 24 Oct 2014, 13:19

Don't leave your television on when you aren't in the house - radio is fine, but TVs catch fire very frequently. In fact just in Scotland every two weeks a TV starts a house fire.
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