poor cat

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poor cat

Post by dexysback » 21 May 2015, 19:58

Dexter as always been nasty over food ,but since cat as been blind she keeps walking into him ,he usually just gives a growl and she walks away .He had a go at her the other day when he was eating he's food and she walked into him .But today he was lying down by a empty yogat pot and she walked into him he went mad at her ,I gave him a good telling off ,but just noticed he as bitten a bit of skin off her ear it is bleeding a little .I don't know what to do for best cause we in a flat there's not so much space for her to walk about without bumping in to him she is 18 its such a shame.

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Re: poor cat

Post by Sparks » 21 May 2015, 20:26

I can sympathise :(. I have an 18 year old cat and new puppy. Luckily they are both placid so no major issue but I feel for your cat. Is there anyway of keeping them in different rooms?

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Re: poor cat

Post by Molmil » 21 May 2015, 20:49

If it's just when he's eating, would you be able to put something between them (puppy pen?) when he eats? It's hard when you love them both. We had an old disabled cat (spinal injury, we got her walking again, but she was a bit wonky), but she was so fierce, the dogs learnt as puppies to keep clear! She didn't take prisoners! Hope you can work something out.

Lesly and the doods, Molly and Rosa x

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