Acid Reflux?

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Re: Acid Reflux?

Post by olly » 19 Oct 2017, 19:49

Had a call this afternoon from the vet to say Whisper is allergic to beef, lamb and soya beans. Now all I have to do is find a food he will eat without any of those things in it. He has been on Millie's Wolfheart Countryside mix (containing lamb) I think I will try him on their Salmon one. Murphy's law says we have just started a bag of Countryside mix! I am sure Echo will eat it up for me! Hopefully that will do the trick. If not I will try golden paste.
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Re: Acid Reflux?

Post by Rob-T » 31 Oct 2017, 13:35

I’ve been following this thread with a bit of interest as my youngest dog ( now two) has been troubled on and off with bile vomit normally in the early morning. Tried the usual three meals a day rather than two, which did help a bit but still had problems on and off. Had her at the vets a few times just to check we weren’t missing anything more serious. She doesn’t help herself as she is a very fussy eater, will turn her nose up at meals, go hungry with the end result of making herself sick. Just turns into a vicious circle at times. Although we knew she could be picky with her food I often wondered if she was refusing because she was being fussy or maybe was feeling a little bit nauseous to start with. Had her back at the vet a few weeks ago due to a stomach bug she had picked up somewhere, high temp plus a little blood in her stools. Injections plus oral antibiotics fixed it quickly. I spoke with the vet again at this time about the ongoing bile vomit, explained how I had followed their advice regarding adding extra fibre to her diet, change her food to other kind but still having problems from time to time. The vet mentioned it might be a malabsorption problem in her stomach with possibly low levels of vitamin B12, something I’ve never came across in any of the online articles I’ve read about this. Anyway blood sample taken, full range of basic blood test were done at the vets, got the results of that back in an hour and all were fine. The test for vitB12 had to be sent away to a lab and that took about a week for the results to come back. Low Vitamin B12 was found, got a phone call from the vet to take the dog into the surgery for the first of four weekly injections to get her levels back up to normal.
Really just telling this as a “heads up” to anyone that sometimes things might not be just as simple and straight forward as you first thought. I never thought for a minute that the Vit B12 test would come back as low.
She is also on Ranitidine 75mgm nightly which does seem to help with the bile vomit. According to the vet this is safe for long term use and can be given up to three times a day if necessary. Ranitidine can be purchased over the counter at places other than the vets at a much cheaper price but please check with your vet before giving to your own dog.

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Re: Acid Reflux?

Post by stout » 31 Oct 2017, 14:05

We have also been told about b12 by our vet. Stout's ibd apparently makes it harder for him to absorb it especially if he is having a flare up. Stout has 2 sachets of pro kolin enterogenic powder a day (he can't have the paste as it is thickened with cornflour) I notice that they have changed it recently and it now has b12 in it. I think it is in his food but he will no doubt benefit from the extra. Hope it does the trick for your little one!

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