Kennel cough

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Kennel cough

Post by stout » 30 Aug 2018, 17:55

Hi. Poor Stout is recovering from a bout of kennel cough. Last week he went to bark and let out a very unusual deep version, which gradually got worse. He doesn't tend to bark a lot so not sure how long he had it for! We took him to the vet who said they could still get a mild strain even after being vaccinated. He has been having anti inflammatories and extra honey which seem to have done the trick, which is handy as he is allergic to some anti biotics. He is currently on holiday with his granny getting spoilt, but to add insult to injury got stung by a wasp on Sunday too!

Chris, Michelle & Stout



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Re: Kennel cough

Post by linny » 04 Sep 2018, 22:58

Oh poor honey monster he's really having a hard hope he's much better soon...give him a gentle hug from me.
How are you ....hope you are well now??

The nasal drops for KC are a bit like flu vaccine....they only cover the strain from previous years but vaccination does offer some protection.
New owners should be aware that whilst KC might sound dreadful dogs generally recover quite quickly although it can cause complications in the very young or very old.
Infected dogs should be kept away from other dogs for up to three weeks from the time they start to cough..

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