Name down for a doodle!!

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Name down for a doodle!!

Post by silverbirch » 17 May 2011, 18:01

Just joined. After a lot (too much?) research we have put our names down for a doodle even though the litter is not actually born yet! Labrador mum and doodle dad. We will collect him in August. I just hope we have done the right thing. We have had dogs before including collies and poodle and have never really had any probs once they were socialised etc. It does worry me a bit when I read about doodles being food aggressive - one of the reason we chose a doodle was temperament. Although I know all pups can be hard work. Can't wait till August - wish me luck!! Any advice gratefully received!! :)

Fizz's mum
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Re: Name down for a doodle!!

Post by Fizz's mum » 17 May 2011, 19:55

You have definately done the right thing. I have two. Both are very different, size, coats, personalities etc and have different characters but they are both fantastic. I know we are biased here but I think they are perfect in every way. No doubt the pup will need to learn his/her manners and as with all pups will be hard work for a while, but it will be worth the effort.

Good luck
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Lorraine B
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Re: Name down for a doodle!!

Post by Lorraine B » 17 May 2011, 20:00

Welcome to the forum, bet you cant wait for August. We have a 2 1/2 year old doodle and she has a brilliant temperament, she has never shown any aggression over food, we can even take a bone out of her mouth. As soon as we got her home we started to train her to sit and wait for her food to be put down. We then took the food bowl away from her at some point during each feed and added in another small amount of kibble while she watched, she then came to see removal of her food as a good thing. With regards to bones or 'stolen' food we offered high value treat such as small piece of chicken or fish as a swap and this has always worked, again you must start when your pup is young.
Hope the wait for your pup passes quickly, where are you getting him from?

Lorraine x

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Re: Name down for a doodle!!

Post by silverbirch » 17 May 2011, 20:17

It's good to know how happy you are with your doodles! I'm sure we have made the right decision. He's coming from Lancroft we hope. Mum is a black lab - flora who looks lovely and dad is a very handsome f1b(i think) called reuben. I am really excited - puppies due in a couple of weeks!

brucey doodle
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Re: Name down for a doodle!!

Post by brucey doodle » 17 May 2011, 20:56

Hi there my doodle is nearly two and has never been aggressive towards food I can take anything off him a bone , toy ,food with no problems and Bruce is my first dog so i'm not that experienced I think puppy classes helped as we practiced a lot there and she gave us some good tools to help raise a well balanced dog hope everything goes well you'll love being a doodle parent it's lots of fun :lol:
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Re: Name down for a doodle!!

Post by Clairejen » 17 May 2011, 21:40

Leon has never been food aggressive, he is a very laid back boy - until he spies something to chase! I think doodles are very special dogs, they seem to have more of a sense of humour then other breeds :lol:
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Re: Name down for a doodle!!

Post by Leah » 17 May 2011, 22:27

Monty has never been aggressive with food. He lives with babies and children and anyone can take anything off him without any problem. He's a very calm, easy-going boy content to just lie and watch the madness of our family!

You won't regret your choice - Doodles are great!


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Re: Name down for a doodle!!

Post by Bid » 17 May 2011, 23:09

Hi there - welcome from us too!

Imo doodles are no more likely and no less likely to develop food aggression probs than any other "breed". Anyway - if you've lived with a collie you can live with most dogs :wink: :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I have 2 adult doods, and I can take a bone from their mouths with no problems. I also have a tiny pup, and I was so proud of my girls when the pup went to dive into their food they both stepped back to let him have it! Not ideal from a feeding pup point of view, but bless them for their gentleness!
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Re: Name down for a doodle!!

Post by JudeinPlymouth » 18 May 2011, 12:03

A quick hello from us too!

Just agreeing with everyone else... my Fletcher is nearly 9 months old and while he's been the hardest work out of the dogs I've owned, he is also the most pleasurable! He has sooo much character!

As for food aggression, Fletcher is the exact opposite! He acts like food/bones/chews are mine and he's lucky to have them... if I go near his food he sits back to make room for me! :lol: I wish I could say it was down to good training but we only did the basics with him around food and soon realised if we made too much of it he probably wouldn't eat anything at all. There are always exceptions but most Doodles seem laid back ..... apart from the madness of the daily Doodle Dash :shock: :roll:

john ford
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Re: Name down for a doodle!!

Post by john ford » 18 May 2011, 13:01

my dog is 1 in june and he as always been good with food but this last month he as been growling at the cats when go by hes food i have just took a chewing stick of him cause he had a go at cat

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