Dog won't sleep all night

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Dog won't sleep all night

Post by Dougie1 » 12 Jun 2015, 18:01

My daughters 9month old labradoodle Maggie sleeps all night til 7am in her crate in our kitchen when ny daughter is on night shift or away ,but at her house Maggies home she is in the spare bedroom next door and goes in her crate til 4am then starts barking non stop til my daughter relents and let's her into her bed .Shes tried ignoring her being stern and taking her outside to see if she needs the toilet (she never does) she's even put her back in to her crate but she barks every 5min for two plus hours and if she gets up 6am Maggie goes for a pee then sleeps on the couch for 2 hrs .She walks her miles and plays with her a lot it's driving her mad as she's exhausted going to her work as a Nurse

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Re: Dog won't sleep all night

Post by Ianto! » 13 Jun 2015, 15:42

Do you think it may be learned behaviour? If she barks and has received a 'reward' (attention) perhaps she feels encouraged to continue...
What is different about your daughter's home to yours? Does she get woken by the sun rising? Or neighbours moving around? Or even deliveries (papers,milk)? Would it help if she was moved to a different room; perhaps left in the kitchen or hallway to break the cycle? Or had a blanket over her crate...
I wish your daughter good luck in sorting it out as disturbed sleep is no fun (as I can attest to, having raised a pup who 'house-trained' himself in the night - but then forgot all about it in the morning! :roll: )
Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

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