wish me luck.(i'll need it)

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Re: wish me luck.(i'll need it)

Post by groover » 19 Feb 2012, 23:33

Hi There Lottie's mum

Of the many (and I do mean MANY :roll: ) training classes we attended, I'd have to say the best ones were held at Wizard of Paws (google them and you'll get the details and telephone number). We attended one to one loose lead training, indoor group training, outdoor group training and agility there. The outdoor stuff takes place at Pollock park and they use the police dog training agility equipment there to.

Try not to worry too much about Lottie being easily distracted by other dogs. Its a doodle trait and to be honest its one I have just had to learn to live with. :lol: Herbie still goes bonkers at the sight of another dog and he still bucks like an unbroken horse when he's excited on walks and he's trying to get out of the hated halti, but I don't even notice anymore, because despite his weird little ways he's still brilliant company and the most fun dog I've ever been owned by :D :D :D


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Re: wish me luck.(i'll need it)

Post by nicollf » 20 Feb 2012, 11:08

Hi! Thanks for this. I was thinking about agility at the Wizard of Paws as I think the standard training class stuff gets a bit boring for Lottie! I agree doodles are wonderful and my life has a whole new dimension now Lottie is here!!


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