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by Sharon
03 Apr 2006, 07:55
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Pricing- How much should you pay for a labradoodle?
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Amazed to discover some breeders of second gen doodles are charging as much as 850 - 900 for their pups :shock: .... there can be no guarantees of coat type and I think it is appalling for breeders to charge so much .. :cry: no wonder Labradoodle breeders have such a bad reputation amongst breeders ...
by Sharon
02 Apr 2006, 15:34
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Doodle with docked tail??
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As from October tail docking will be banned - the only exception being for working dogs - it will still be legal for them to docked.
by Sharon
02 Apr 2006, 14:46
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Working out generations?
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Hi, I am new to the forum and won't be around much as expecting a baby and so have other things on my mind just now ... :D I must apologise in advance for what is going to be a rather longwinded post and I am sorry if I bore most of you to tears lol but I think doggy ancestory is fascinating ! :wink...