Pricing- How much should you pay for a labradoodle?

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Pricing- How much should you pay for a labradoodle?

Post by mhayhurst » 04 Feb 2006, 17:26

One of the most prominent questions people ask as they try to find out about labradoodles is about the wide range of prices being asked by the various sources, within the UK and abroad.

There are some opinions already expressed on teh site about this issue but we would welcome your comments in this thread about what factors influence prices in the market.



Post by Sonia » 08 Feb 2006, 17:28

Three years ago we paid £450 for our labradoodle. We were happy to pay that, as we would have paid a similar amount for a pedigree labrador. I really think that the prices listed now are getting ridiculous and taking advantage of the "designer dog" label that labradoodles are attracting. I think all this publicity recently will cause problems...there will be people getting themselves a poodle and a labrador and setting themselves up to make what they see as easy money, with blatant disregard for the dogs welfare. Problem is, what can be done about it?



Post by Kayald » 08 Feb 2006, 18:45

I think its great that the breed is now being recognised for all its good qualities but on the flip side, I think it is wrong to class it as a 'designer breed' just because a few 'stars' have realised what great dogs they are.

I think websites such as this and others just have to keep pushing for responsible breeding, and not puppy farming. You get bad breeders breeding all types of dogs, there is not much can be done but to encourage potential buyers to buy from responsible breeders and not from those that just want to make a fast buck.

I think we need to make the most of the good publicity before they (the media) start knocking the breed off the pedestal that they have now built up.

Kay (I was quoted between £650 - £1000 when we were looking - rehomed Rufus in the end - very lucky)

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Post by LouBeale » 23 Feb 2006, 17:39

I would like to see the price for Labradoodles come into line with other sort after and highly valued breeds. I don't believe that just because you pay more money for an animal you will take better care of it. Many people, regretfully have more money than sense.

Afterall they are a crossbreed, so this doesn't mean breeders should double the price.

I do appreciate that responsible breeders will go to a lot of trouble and expense to make sure their breeding stock are well screened for problems. But no more than responsible breeders of Labs, Standard Poodles and other breeds for that matter.

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Post by Elbumble » 26 Feb 2006, 11:12

I'm shocked to here that some breeders who charge near enough £1000 for a puppy don't even hip score their dogs! :(
Personally think the prices should come down or it will get out of hand & people will be putting any old dogs together just to make some cash, it's very sad!
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Post by catmack » 11 Mar 2006, 23:13

I bought my first labradoodle in September from a breeder in Aberdeenshire. She came from hipscored parents, was outgoing and well socialised. I was shocked to see prices ranging from £600 to £1000 - we paid £350. Looking at ads in our local papers, this does not seem an unusually low price for our area.
We got a lot of loveable, clever and highly trainable labradoodle for our money!

Alan Seal
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Post by Alan Seal » 31 Mar 2006, 16:46

I do agree that some people are charging far to much for there pups, a 1st generation should be sold for no more than £600 as the coat type is unpredictable and in most cases sheds and is not suitable with allergies to dogs, We charge £600 for a short wavy coat and £700 for a curly coated pup and as we have been doing this for some time now we know what we are producing our female line is the oldest in the country i think anything above the amout we charge is wrong, also breeders should give more help to people if they have problems with there pups if they are allergic to the pup they should get a refund and they should take the pup back, recently a lady mailed me saying she had just bought a pup and her daughter was allergic to it she took it back to the breeder and didn't get her money back i wouldn't mind but it wasn't a labradoodle it was a golden doodle backcross people have to check out the facts before buying and breeders should be more helpfull.
Hello have been breeding labradoodles for about 6 years now and are very pleased that the rest of the UK seems to be catching up and falling in love with the breed. Anyway great work Mark a great website Alan

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Post by Sharon » 03 Apr 2006, 07:55

Amazed to discover some breeders of second gen doodles are charging as much as 850 - 900 for their pups :shock: .... there can be no guarantees of coat type and I think it is appalling for breeders to charge so much .. :cry:
no wonder Labradoodle breeders have such a bad reputation amongst breeders of pure breeds for just being in it for the money. :roll:

I would not want for anyone to pay £800 + for a doodle - even for one with a nice curly or fleece coat !

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Post by terry » 03 Apr 2006, 21:33

i paid £350 for my f1 bitch. why does it cost more in some areas than
others? if you are trying to set a breed standard surely a standard price
would help.

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Post by angela » 03 Apr 2006, 21:43

I am paying 775 pound for a F2 and there is no guarentee on the coat, But it is the dog I want, My choice, did not know I could get one cheaper

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Post by Sharon » 04 Apr 2006, 09:57

You tend to find that most breeders of "pure breeds" do charge around the same price for their puppies, even though there is no "written rule" so to speak, it just seems to happen that way ... although you would expect to pay more for a pup that had show potential.

I think the only way to try and stop these breeders from charging excessive amounts for their puppies is for potential owners to simply refuse to pay so much ! I would suggest that £650 - £775 is acceptable, but I wouldn't like to see anyone pay that much full stop for a doodle with a short, flat coat. (regardless of generation).

It is inevitable that prices will come down in time, I think.

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Post by kayald » 04 Apr 2006, 11:04

I think that more knowledge through websites like this will help get prices more sensible. When I started looking seriously in December, I was quoted £1000 by a breeder in the midlands area (who had a puppy ready and waiting!!!) and £950 by a couple of breeders further South. This appeared to be the going rate down South at the time and to be fair to the breeders down South, they were only charging what everyone else was charging. Further up the Country, prices were much more sensible. As more and more potential owners research the breed and discover the variety of prices, I think they will then travel for the right dog and the prices will have to come down.

Hopefully! - but then again, they are brilliant dogs and deserve to be valued highly.


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Post by Fiona » 05 Apr 2006, 18:52

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Post by evelyn » 17 Apr 2006, 21:47

I have two doodles I paid £1000.00 for one and £650.00 for the other ( different litters) At the time I hadnt found sites like this and another good one that is on the internet giving details and information, I found it difficult to find a puppy so I thought that was the price ,I must admitt I was very surprised at the price i didnt expect them to be so expensive, My doodles are great, but the more information people have access to the better, so keep up the good work
doodling good in cornwall

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Post by julie.caplin » 18 Apr 2006, 23:34

Have just been quoted £1000 for a F1 doodle in the midlands. As I am giving up work to stay home so we can get a dog, this is way out of our price range :( . Unfortunately we live in the South East and prices seem high.

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